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BREESE, IL – We are now 40 days away from the Great American Eclipse.  The buzz around St. Louis is bubbling over with a new soda being bottled by a local soda company in Breese Illinois.

Breese is in the prime viewing area for the eclipse and Excel Bottling Company is calling their new soda:  Darkest Hour Black Cherry soda, made with 100% pure cane sugar, no high fructose corn syrup.  That’s making its way to St. Louis and as we just found out to Oklahoma.

It`s no surprise when someone from as far stops in Breese to stock up on Excel Bottling`s signature soda Ski, but Oklahoma is a stretch.

Though Sue Aman is here for the Ski, she`s leaving with a little something extra this trip.

Excel bottles several brands including a private label cola sold in Chicago.  But there`s growing buzz about the new ‘un’ official soda of the solar eclipse that the office manager came up with.

With all the buzz about Southern Illinois being one of the best places on the globe to see next month`s eclipse.

Excel has produced close to 25,000 bottles so far.  Schools and summer camps have been stocking up; and Oklahomans too.

Darkest hour is available at Straub’s Markets in St. Louis, starting Wednesday.