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ST. LOUIS- High school football players tackled homelessness Wednesday morning. About two dozen football players arrived in south city to help transform a five-unit apartment building into homes for five homeless families.

Darrick Scott is one of the volunteer students from Lutheran South High School.  He said, “It’s also important to give back to what we come from.”

They were volunteering for Humanitri. The Lutheran’s organization’s efforts don’t end once the family moves into their new residence.  Kim Schaver works with Humanitri, “We help them build a savings account, help them finds jobs we help them with employment training.”

Amy Kaufman talked to the young men about the time she and her three young children were homeless after escaping domestic abuse and how Humanitri was so important.  Kaufman said, “It saved my life it saved my kids.”

Some of the young men see the homeless when they spot a person at street corner pleading for money.  Student Vito Orlando said, “It’s pretty sad, side of the road 150 degrees and pouring down rain.”

Others experience it in their own community.  Student Isaiah Wilson said, “Since I live in the city I see this every day I see a lot of homeless people on the ground basically it’s hurtful see it in my eyes.”

The football team had their best year ever last season.  Volunteering may be even more important. Player Caden Ritter said, “You should really do your best to help others were all even in the eyes of God.”

Since Humanitri was founded in 2006 the organization has helped more than 2,000 homeless families find homes.