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ST. LOUIS– The first episode of Hell’s Kitchen: The Young Guns is in the books and so far local Chef Trent Garvey has impressed Chef Gordon Ramsay with his first dish. The latest season premiered Monday night and the contestants are all chefs under the age of 23. In the first episode, the chefs received the chance to cook their signature dish for Chef Ramsay.

Chef Garvey, the executive chef at the Blue Duck in Maplewood, cooked a pan-seared trout with lemon, a brown butter hollandaise sauce, and a green tomato jam.

Chef Ramsay said his dish was delicious. Garvey, from Union, said it was great to get validation from Chef Ramsay that he has solid skills.

Chef Garvey said that recipe will be on the menu one night this week at the restaurant.

The restaurant hosted a watch party last night to cheer on the local chef. Garvey said he still has a smile on his face because it was so much fun. He said while he lived it, seeing it actually come together on TV was crazy.

Garvey says he has been noticed a few times and some kids did want their picture with him. He couldn’t say much about the next episode but said they did get to cook with alcohol and he did get to meet Mike Tyson.