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FERGUSON, Mo. – A new restraint device that police can use instead of guns and tasers is being introduced all around the country.

The BolaWrap 100 restraint device, engineered by Wrap Technologies Inc., is a new, non-lethal piece of police equipment that doesn’t rely on pain compliance like bullets or tasers. Instead, a Kevlar cord is shot at a target.

“It wraps around the body twice and entangles your clothing to restrict movement of the arms and legs,” said Mike Rothan, spokesman for Wrap Technologies.

The device was developed to deal with mentally ill and uncooperative individuals. Wrap Technologies believes it has a social responsibility to get these into communities.

Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss invited Wrap Technologies to show his team and many other area departments what this tool can do in de-escalating a situation.

“People get hurt. Police get hurt, citizens get hurt. One of the things we’re trying to do is find creative ways to still do our job but not hurt people,” said Chief Moss.

The possibility of using this in Ferguson, a town infamous for the Michael Brown shooting death and subsequent riots, has encouraged Redditt Hudson, vice president of civil rights advocacy at the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis.

“It’s excellent. Anytime you can have a more humane response to someone in crisis, it’s not only good for the department, it’s good for society,” he said.

Wrap Technologies is also working on versions for security guards, schools, and homeowners.

“More testing will have to be done to determine how it would work in the field, but it seems pretty impressive,” Moss said.

The device has been shown in demonstrations in Los Angeles, Orlando, Madison, Wisconsin, and La Grange, Georgia.