Local woman spreads cheer with hand-knit winter gear donations

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OAKVILLE, Mo. – A local woman is spreading cheer through winter gear. Eighty-five-year-old Rose Hall is on a mission to give back to her community and help those who are going without.

Rose Hall has been crocheting for 60 years.

"I think I have a calling. The Lord has said, ‘Do it,’ and I've done it so far," she said.

Hall said it is more of an obsession than a hobby.

"It's keeping my mind going. I'm doing something. I just could not be in bed all the time or sitting there watching television," she said.

Stitch by stitch, Hall is turning yarn into a warm winter necessity.

Rose has been hard at work over the past several months completing 90 hats. All for a good reason.

"The hats are going to missions that operate out of downtown St. Louis, providing hats and warmth for homeless in our area," said Jennifer Popp, Charless Village Assisted Living administrator.

Popp said "Hall's Hats" started a decade ago and it has been exciting to see Rose meet her goal every year.

"Her heart is so big and willing to give, she really just does this for others," Popp said.

Making a difference for the community she loves. Hall said she does not plan to quit anytime soon.

"It's quick and it's easy and I have it all memorized,” she said. “As long as my hands keep going, and my hands have gotten better because I crochet."

If you would like to help Hall meet her hat goal for next year, you can donate yarn. For more information, you can email Jennifer Popp at jpopp@bethesdahealth.org.


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