Loop patrons respond to Loop Trolley troubles

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO – This is the first weekend the Loop Trolley ran on a reduced schedule.

The fate of the Loop Trolley remains uncertain after trolley officials asked for $700,000 last week in order to keep operations on the tracks.

The Delmar Loop was filled with people, but few were riding the trolley. People who frequent the area talked about why people aren’t riding and if more money should be put into the project.

“It just wasn’t a wise idea to me from the jump because it only went up and down the street,” said Randal Foggie.

On the heels of finding the streetcar could come to a screeching halt, Fox 2/News 11 talked to people in the loop about their thoughts.

“I think it’s a shame to have spent what we spent on the trolley and to have it go away,” said Sandi Schwartz.

“I think that’s a hard situation because they did spin a ton of money and they affected a lot of the businesses,” said Jennifer Schremp.

Just last week, the Loop Trolley officials asked for hundreds of thousands more from Saint Louis County to keep it going. If not received, operations could stop within a month.

Already more than $50 million dollars went into the streetcars.

“I just think somebody messed up with some money. They didn’t do what they were supposed to do,” said Foggie.

Many people who didn’t want to go on camera say the investment was a waste, the money could go to raises for county employees, or why keep spending when not enough people board as passengers?

On the other side of the tracks, people were disappointed to think the nostalgic ride could be off track soon.

The people who were spotted riding were mostly families with children.

“We have friends coming from out of town, and we brought the kids on there and had a good time so I’m not sure why people aren’t using it,” said Schremp.

“It’s kind of a neat thing to have down here, but if it can’t pay for itself, I guess in the end they got to do something.”

While opinions on the fate of the trolley and the investment appear to be split down the middle, on a weekend night, not many were waiting to get on board.

“We’ve already invested over $50 million into a fail, so if you keep putting money into a sinking ship is going to go down anyway because it’s sinking,” said Foggie.

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