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PORT BARRE, LA. (FOX NEWS) – From the janitor’s closet to the principal’s office!

Joseph “Gabe” Sonnier, a longtime school janitor at Port Barre, Louisiana elementary school, was named the school’s next principal Friday (11/8) by the Saint Landry School Board.

Sonnier spent twenty seven years as a janitor there, but always continued adding to his education, earning a bachelor and masters degree along the way.

Gabe Sonnier/Port Barre Principal says: “I would come to work at like five in the morning and leave for seven and go to school all day and come back and finish up my eight hours of work here then go home and do homework.”

Gabe Sonnier/Port Barre Principal says: “I thought for three years 3rd gradeand then I went to get my bachelors. I did it through Arkansas State University.”

Angela Rideaux /Port Barre Elementary says:  “I have a lot of admiration for Mr. Sonnier because he put family first, because he put family firstand he did a lot for his family first and then he took care of himself.”

Raymond Narcisse / Port Barre Elementary says: “It’s just that you never experience something like that before just to be part of his life and see him achieve that its wonderful you know.”

Gabe Sonnier/Port Barre Principal says: “God knows the time, and god knows the season… There’s a season for everything, and this is my time, and I feel it and I know it.”

Sonnier does have classroom experience, he previously taught third grade.