Madison County Conceal Carry Showdown

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KTVI) - People in Madison County, Illinois, can immediately start carrying concealed weapons if they meet certain guidelines, even though Governor Quinn has not yet signed a statewide concealed carry bill into law.

At least those are the guidelines being laid out by Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons. He says law abiding citizens should be allowed their constitutional right to carry a gun, but there have to be conditions.

There are seven requirements. Among them, citizens must have a valid firearms owner identification or 'FOID' card.

People must inform law officers that they are carrying a gun when they come in contact with them if the police officer asks.

People won't be allowed to carry if they're prohibited from having a gun because of another statue or court order.

Gibbons says if the guidelines are met, people in Madison County can carry a concealed weapon either on them or in their cars.

Illinois lawmakers passed a concealed carry bill last week but Governor Quinn has not yet signed it. That came after a federal court ruled that Illinois must allow some form of concealed carry.

Gibbons' guidelines apply only to Madison County.

Governor Quinn has until July 9th to act on the statewide legislation.

Friday morning, the Illinois State Police issued a press release that makes many question whether citizens in Madison County truly can carry a concealed weapon.

Here is the statement:


The Illinois State Police, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Illinois Sheriff's Association issued a public safety advisory in response to numerous inquiries from citizens to the Illinois State Police Firearm Services Bureau, that it will continue to enforce Illinois’ current unlawful use of a weapon statute in all jurisdictions.

Current Illinois law prohibits the carrying of an immediately accessible or loaded firearm on your person or in your vehicle regardless of whether it is concealed. Persons in violation are subject to arrest.

On Tuesday, June 4, 2013, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals extended the time for the current law to remain in place until July 9, 2013 or when a new law goes into effect, whichever occurs first.  ISP Director Grau is reminding the public that HB183, which was recently passed by the legislature, is currently under review, pursuant to the Illinois Constitution by Governor Quinn.  It has not yet become law.


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