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EUREKA, MO. (KTVI) – Sixty people are out of work, with no pay in Eureka, Mo. About a dozen of those workers met with Fox 2 across the street from the former Infinity Fulfillment Group, where they worked until Thursday.

The company closed with no warning; they`re owed 3 weeks pay, they said.

One of the told Fox 2 the company did shut down with no warning to the workers.

He said the first priority was still to make sure the workers got paid.

After hearing nothing for 3 days, workers broke their silence about the shutdown, Monday night.

‘They didn`t give notice at all. It was `out the door`,’ worker, David Stuckey, told someone on the phone.

‘It hurt man, finding out I don`t have a job,’ said his son, Dustin, 20.

He still had the receipt for the down payment on the new car he bought, 5 days before the shutdown.

‘Ii`m going to have to give it back, I know I am,’ he lamented.

He followed his dad from Texas, to work here.

They were 2 of the 60 full and part time workers of the suddenly ‘out of business’

They were typically $12-$15 dollar-an-hour jobs.

Workers did binding work on magazines and pamphlets for CENVEO, a printing company.

Infinity leased space from CENVEO in Eureka.

CENVEO was the only source of business for Infinity.

Workers said, until the final hour, they`d been working 7 day weeks; after taking a 10% pay-cut.

‘We`ve had a lot of work. We`ve been putting a lot of work out of the door. We had a new boss come in. He really turned things around. Things we`re really starting to look good,’ David Stuckey said.

‘We took a 10% pay because we believed in the company. Now, you just shut the doors on us, put us out in the street. We`ve have not money. We`ve got kids, bills to pay, too,’ said worker, Tara Gilbert, choking up.

As workers worried, company officials said they`d been meeting with state employment authorities to work things out with CENVEO to get the workers paid; maybe even re-open the business.

CENVEO officials agreed the workers have been treated poorly but not by CENVEO. They pointed out those workers were not employed by CENVEO.

The workers just wanted their jobs back; at the very least the pay owed for three weeks of work.

‘We are family. We helped each other. We stood together. We stood for this company. To be stabbed in the back like this, that`s not right,’ Gilbert said.

CENVEO officials said they felt for the workers; much like the workers, the closure had CENVERO in a bind, scrambling to find someone to do the binding work.

Under Missouri law, once workers give written notice to the company of unpaid wages, the company has 7 days to pay them; if not, the company is liable to pay wages, for up to 60 days.

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