Major Case detectives investigating links between double homicide suspects and highway shootings


CLAYTON, Mo–Major Case Squad investigators are now in South Carolina looking for answers about the cross-country shooting spree that killed two here in St. Louis.

The focus is on finding fugitive Tyler Donnet Terry, last seen in South Carolina. Investigators are trying to determine why he came to St. Louis. They’re also looking for his possible connection to other crimes.

Unsolved St. Louis highway shootings are on the radar of Major Case Squad investigators who are also looking at highway shootings in Arkansas for a possible connection to suspects Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson. Police say Terry and Simpson were involved in murders in South Carolina before coming to St. Louis and fatally shooting Barbara Goodkin and Dr. Sergei Zacharav randomly Saturday May 15th.

The suspects returned to South Carolina this week, where they reportedly got into a shootout with police who arrested Simpson. Terry got away.

The Chester County Sheriff’s office recently tweeted one of the last videos showing suspect Terry Wednesday at a business where police say he stole a loaded gun from a car.

Two Major Case Squad detectives flew to South Carolina yesterday, while other detectives continue working leads here.

Investigators right now are exploring the gap in the violent timeline

  • The South Carolina murders were May 2nd
  • The St. Louis murders were May 15th

That’s a 13 day gap.

Detectives are now looking at unsolved highway shooting reports in St. Louis and Arkansas for possible connections.

The Arkansas shootings reportedly involved indiscriminate shooting on highways, possibly in an effort to rob people at random.

Investigators also don’t know exactly what brought the pair to St. Louis yet, but one current theory is that Terry met someone during a past prison stay who was from this area.

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