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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Local leaders called for an outside investigation into how St. Louis County police handled protesters at the Galleria on Saturday.

About 30 people spoke to the county council about Saturday’s protest. They told the council they were disgusted by the way police handled the situation.

Many of the people who spoke said there was no audible warning from the police to disperse. They described the scene as terrifying as people who they said were peaceful were taken to the ground by police.

Speakers told council members that people who were arrested were denied their right to council and medication.

St. Louis County has an internal Police Commission that typically reviews any allegations made against officers.

On Tuesday night, State Representative Stacey Newman and other local leaders called for an investigation outside of St. Louis County.

“There are just too many questions about police tactics at the Galleria, those being denied legal counsel, those being denied access to medicine…there ae just too many questions we feel like there needs to be an independent investigation,” she said.

St. Louis County Chairman Sam Page said the first step will be identifying if any county officers were involved in any use of force situations.