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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Police put the chill on a man suspected of stealing an air conditionerand they think he could be responsible for as many as 20 stolen units.

Police have charged 34-year-old James Brown of Cahokia with burglary and theft and his bond is set at $50,000.

In October, there were air conditioner thefts almost every other day in South St. Louis County.  Many of the targets were businesses on Telegraph Road.

One shopping center lost four units. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of stolen or damaged equipment.

Victims are waiting for insurance checks before they can replace their air conditioners, and it can get warm in the businesses.

Sara Long is the co-owner of Oakville Grooming.  She said, “It gets very humid in here every day, and the floors get slippery and it has been a pain in the neck. Thank God it was this time of the year and not the middle of summer.”

Dr. Jack Marincel is a dentist.  One of his two air conditioners was stolen.  He’s pleased by the police officers’ work.   Dr. Marincel said, “I never thought they would be able to do it. I thought once it is done it was over.”

Police think the suspect has an accomplice.  They are still looking for that person.