Man Arrested For Stealing Women’s Underwear & Used Hygiene Items

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WRIGHT CITY, MO (KTVI) - A Wright City man is jailed tonight, charged in a series of home burglaries.  But it’s what he was stealing that has many in Warren County aghast.  Deputies say Michael Stout, 19, stole 59 pairs of women’s underwear, some sex toys, and dozens of used tampons.

Deputies say the end of the line for Stout began with a screaming sixteen year old girl.  The teen was home from school sick and her mother says she received a panicked phone call Wednesday afternoon.

“She called me and she was screaming that someone was in the house,” the shaken parent, who asked not to be identified, told us in their living room Friday afternoon.

She says her daughter acted decisively.

“When she knew someone was in the house she ran back out the front door and got into her car and drove around to the side of the house and was laying on her horn and she watched him run outside.”

9-1-1 was being called at the same time.  Deputies responded and began searching the woods with dogs.   Stout’s home, a few hundred yards away, is where they arrived.

This all happened with Stout’s mother sitting in their home.  She says her son is on medication and she thought he was napping.

“I figured okay, he went to lay down,” Betty Stout told us.  “Then I guess he snuck out his window and I guess somehow he got back in.  He comes to the living room and sits down and ten minutes later police are knocking on my door.”

What they found in her son’s room was shocking.

“Underwear, like 49 pair. Used tampons.  Things like that,” Betty Stout said.  Asked what she was thinking as deputies emerged with this, she replied, “I was thinking, ‘Why my son?’ I didn’t know he was like that.”

Deputies then took the stolen goods back to the teenage girl’s home.  It’s one of four deputies think Stout hit.  They asked the family to identify some of the items.

“Dumped a bag of underwear and pictures out in our living room and we just about died.  We couldn’t believe it.”

She says the sheer volume of what was theirs makes her think he’d broken in more than once.

Stout’s mother says he has mental problems, and she believes that has a lot to do with the bizarre thefts.

“He’s paranoid schizophrenic, bipolar.  Stuff like that,” she revealed.

She believes mental health assistance, not jail, is what he needs.

But the teenage victim’s mother sees it much differently, her feelings about Michael Stout.

“Sick.  Thankful he didn’t hurt my daughter.  That’s what scares me the most.  It’s like one of the worst things to get.  Phone call from your daughter screaming someone’s in the house and you’re not there to help her.”

Their family has lived on the small rural street east of Wright City for fifteen years.  They’re now looking to move, because their sixteen year old daughter refuses to return to the house.

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