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ST. LOUIS – Biking across the country for a serious cause.

One man determined to raise awareness about mental health struggles and suicide made a stop in St. Louis on Sunday.

36-year-old Denny Ying left San Francisco on August 25 and wants to get to Times Square by November 5. And on his stop in St. Louis his message was that no matter how bad it gets, you’re not alone.

Ying in speaking with Fox 2 was candid about the time he hit rock bottom and being in what he calls a ‘dark place.’

“I didn’t know if I was going to kill myself or not,” said Ying wearing his biking uniform from head-to-toe.

But Ying said that he was determined to change that particular state of mind, so he packed up his life in California, bought a bike and hit the road for the next four months.

“Here I am in St. Louis, riding across the country from San Francisco to Times Square, raising awareness for probably one of the biggest cause there is that impacts a ton of people,” he said.

It was a leap of faith that pushed the first time, solo rider to get out of his comfort zone and into the saddle; riding to bring attention to mental health struggles and suicide.

“We have a huge stigma in our bigger environment which is a big problem that has been in our society over the decades and centuries that led us to where we are today,” Ying went on to say.

The 36-year-old U.S Marine veteran said, the more than a thousand miles he’s pedaled so far is in some way, symbolic to his cause to help save a thousand more lives.

“It allowed me to see how wide is this reach,” Ying said, “I learned about teen suicide, I learned about postpartum depression and that’s just to name a few.”

Ying said the cause goes beyond than just raising awareness, it’s a reminder to those who are struggling that their pain and experience are real and valid, one pedal stroke at a time.

Ying needs your help to support him through his journey, more information can be found on GoFundMe.