O’FALLON, Mo. — A 45-year-old man was arrested and charged with drunk driving after police said he crashed into a house in O’Fallon, Missouri, while the homeowner was inside.   

The accident happened just before midnight on Westridge Drive. Police said the intoxicated driver hit a patch of ice, lost control, and crashed into the home.

“It almost sounded like a bomb went off with all the debris. It’s not something you normally wake up to, so it took a little bit to figure out what was going on and everything,” said homeowner Aleck Spears-Mines.

The car left a gaping hole in the house. Police said the homeowner was sleeping in a front bedroom when bricks from the front exterior wall blew through the room and struck him in the head. 

“We had this before, where there has been more significant damage to the home, where people are displaced, people in cars injured that are in the home injured,” said Assistant Fire Chief Andy  Parrish.

The investigation revealed the driver was intoxicated. Meanwhile, investigators said they are glad no one was seriously injured.
“The investigation revealed he was driving impaired due to intoxicating beverages. The driver was subsequently arrested and has now been charged with driving while intoxicated and careless and imprudent driving,” said O’Fallon, Missouri Police Sgt. Anthony Michalka.

“This actually could have turned out a lot worse had there been children in the room that the car hit,” Michalka continued. “Fortunately, the resident walked away with minor injures.”
Authorities said the code enforcement team responded and determined the home to be unsafe and boarded the home up. It’s unclear how the homeowner will move forward.