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WELLSTON, Mo. – Officers in the North County Police Cooperative arrested a man for allegedly throwing an explosive device at a police car Tuesday night at the corner of Page and Stephen Jones in Wellston.

Nobody was hurt, but it was loud, scary, and extremely dangerous.

“You could hear it from five blocks away,” said Captain Clay Farmer, North County Police Cooperative. “It was a lot of smoke at that time. It was a lot bigger than a fire cracker.”

Robert Blanchard, an employee at Clay’s Market, described it as a “big ka-boom.”

“By the time we came outside, so many police were here,” he said. “The whole store was on lockdown.”

A special enforcement division was surveying the area near Clay’s Market for known drug activity. They recognized the suspect and tried to make contact with him, but he tossed the explosive and took off.

“This is just another challenge we face daily trying to deal with crime in our neighborhoods,” Farmer said.

Police gave chase, but backed off when the pursuit got very dangerous. They later found the suspect, identified as Donnie Shepard, at a residence in unincorporated St. Louis County.

“He confessed, video confessed to throwing the bomb, explosive device, as well as fleeing officers,” Farmer said.

Shepard was also found with three handguns, a large sum of cash, and felony amounts of high grade marijuana. He was charged with first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, and resisting arrest.

“Kudos to officers and detectives and special enforcement division for bringing this guy into custody last night and getting him off the streets,” Farmer said.