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BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, MO (KTVI) –Breckenridge Hills Police confirm that a man claiming to be the father of a baby found abandoned in an apartment hallway did speak with authorities Saturday morning. The man, who is from Oklahoma, drove into St. Louis overnight, spoke with investigators, and is returning home to Oklahoma.  Police say he will return to Breckenridge Hills Monday for a paternity test.

Police will not identify the man until a paternity test has been conducted.

On Friday night, Police said the unidentified man told them that the baby’s mother left Oklahoma with the child earlier in the week.  They believe she has relatives in St. Louis.  Police still don’t know who was with the child here or who left the baby at the Hickory Trace Apartment complex off of St. Charles Rock Road.  

The four to six month old child was found wrapped warmly and with a bottle.  He was checked out by doctors and found to be in good health.

If you have any information in this case, call Breckenridge Police at 314-426-1214, extension 140.

Customers at a Breckenridge Hills diner had praise for how quickly investigators are progressing on this case.

“They already found a possible father out of state,” said Joe Franklin.  “It seems to me they must be working pretty diligently.”

Franklin brought his daughter to the same place he does almost every Saturday morning:  Grandma’s Country Kitchen on St. Charles Rock Road, next door to the Breckenridge Police Department.  Franklin said he was stunned to hear of an infant boy found alone in the hallway of the Hickory Trace apartments around five Friday morning.  Police announced a possible parent had come forward around nine Friday night.

“He deserves a parent, whether it’s one or two,” Franklin said of the baby boy who is estimated to be four to six months old.  “So, kudos to dad for coming in town if he thinks that’s his baby.”

But, the road to a happy ending could lead to more questions.  Police still haven’t heard from any woman who identifies herself as the motherof this baby.

“I think something has happened to her,” Stephanie Cowen worried.  “She’s in danger, somehow.  I just really hope that it’s not true.  But, why would someone leave their baby that’s been so well taken care of?”

The details had dishwasher Anthony Malon outraged.

“I didn’t believe it.  Honestly, I didn’t believe it.  I was like, ‘No way,’” Malon said the news of the baby’s discovery in the chilly hallway almost brought operations in the busy kitchen to a halt.  “It’s so cold out.  It really shocked everyone.”

Customer Cathy Wilson was just thankful.

“You hear horrible stories about babies being left in places where they’re not going to be found,” Wilson remembered how the baby was strapped in a car seat with a full bottle and wrapped for warmth.  “So to me, that was a caring thing.”

A heart-wrenching weekend for families coming to Grandma’s for years will end with an invitation to join the table.

“Hey if he comes in, I’m more than welcome to feed him for free,” promised owner Steven Malon.  “Definitely.”

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