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Michael Wallace

ST. CHARLES, Mo. – It’s the law when you see flashing lights you need to move over. One driver in St. Charles decided to take advantage of that law by installing red and blue flashing lights on his vehicle, along with a siren. The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Michael Wallace.

Someone filmed the man’s car coming up fast from their side view mirror with flashing lights and a siren.

“You can’t just have a random person out there running with lights and sirens driving and 90 miles an hour down the highway; it’s just dangerous to the public,” said Sgt. David Horton, St. Charles Police Department.

Video of the man cruising by in the passing lane caught police attention earlier this week.

On Wednesday morning, St. Charles Police Sergeant Horton said an officer spotted a silver Hyundai sedan with red and blue lights flashing on westbound Interstate 70 near the Fifth Street exit. He said another officer was able to locate the car by its license plate number.

“I’m not aware of him trying to pull anybody over, the only information I’ve seen would seem to indicate that he was using the lights and sirens…that he was trying to clear traffic so that he could get where he’s is going faster,” Horton said.

Horton said impersonating a police officer is illegal and extremely dangerous. He said officers are trained in how to safely maneuver through traffic.

“Just because we see you have your lights and sirens on doesn’t mean you can run through red lights,” he said. “He still has to be observant, he still has to slow down, he still has to look out for hazards.”

But if you ever question who’s behind the red and blue flashing lights out your window, there’s a safe way to handle the situation.

“Undercover cars can be various types of vehicles. However, if you’re getting pulled over by a car and you’re suspicious of what it is, the best thing to do is to drive to a safe area, maybe contact the local police agency and find out if it’s a police officer trying to pull you over,” Horton said.

The suspect has not been identified yet since he’s awaiting formal charges, but police said there were warrants out for his arrest at the time he was pulled over.