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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A new twist in Governor Eric Greitens’ invasion of privacy case. Our partners at the St. Louis Post Dispatch report the man in charge of investigating the governor was once accused of a crime himself; bigamy and lying to the FBI about it.

Governor Greitens is charged with invasion of privacy concerning a woman he had an affair with. He’s admitted to the affair but has denied any criminal wrongdoing.

The Post report centers on William Don Tisaby, the 65-year-old head of EnterraLLC, a company hired by the circuit attorney to investigate Greitens was accused.

Tisaby previously worked for the FBI, which learned in 1998 that Tisaby remarried before his divorce was final.

The FBI concluded he lied under oath to the F.B.I. about that and he was suspended, demoted and his pay reduced.

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has been criticized for hiring an outside firm to investigate the governor. She said city police and the feds refused to take the case.

Chief of Police John Hayden disagreed. He said he had a hypothetical conversation with Gardner and he told her the feds would probably be interested in a sitting governor.

The chief was quoted as saying nobody has ever tried to report the case to police. And he said in his 30 years with the department he’s never heard of a prosecutor using a private firm to investigate a local crime.

Gardner’s office said the private investigator’s company came highly recommended by FBI agents and they’ve been satisfied with the work they’ve performed.