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O’FALLON, MO (KTVI) – The autopsy shows a man found dead inside Pam Hupp’s O’Fallon, Missouri home was shot at least twice.

That man, Louis Gumpenberger, was disabled by a car accident years ago. Now we’re learning more on the man Hupp accuses of trying to burglarize her home.

Gumpenberger, 37, was scheduled for a job interview at a St. Peters business that helps disabled people. They knew and liked him because he’d worked for BCI Packaging before. They told me it wasn’t like him to not show up because he was ready to get back to work.

“It was odd that he didn’t show up because he really, I mean he had come up here so many times wanting the job,” program director Katie Jones said. “So we knew something was off not to show up for the interview.”

Jones said Louis’ mom called them, worried she couldn’t find him. Gumpenberger suddenly left without leaving a note like he normally would and didn’t take his wallet or cigarettes.

O’Fallon Police found him shot to death Tuesday afternoon at Pam Hupp’s house, which is about 13 miles away from Gumpenberger’s apartment. Hupp reportedly called 911 to report a burglary in progress and then called 911 again to say someone was shot.

“I had just given him a hug the week before so we all knew him here and like I said he was a funny man,” Jones said.

Jones said she never saw a mean or violent side to Louis. She remembered when he’d worked previously at BCI and had to work a slow paced assembly line because of his extreme disability.

“Louis was a very kind person,” she said. “He was gullible. I would say that about him, he was agreeable, but like I said, not a violent person; so again, disbelief, because I couldn’t understand how the situation would occur, how he who doesn’t drive himself, who has a disability, traumatic brain injury, how that situation even come about.”

A friend of the family of Louis Gumpenberger set up the following GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses.

BCI packaging added the following statement:

BCI Packaging has received notice of a tragic incident involving a former employee. On Thursday, August 18, our organization was contacted regarding the killing of Louis Gumpenberger during a complicated and unfortunate situation.

In this sensitive time, we understand there may be confusion and concerns regarding this heartbreaking occurrence. An investigation is underway and BCI Packaging will do everything possible to work with authorities regarding this matter. In 2014, Louis ended his employment with BCI Packaging and we are deeply disheartened to learn of this event.

The entire BCI Packaging organization extends its deepest sympathies to all who are affected by this distressing incident.

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