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ST. LOUIS – A south St. Louis homeowner turned the tables on an intruder after the suspect broke into his home and threatened to kill his entire family, all while a 9-year-old boy watched the incident unfold.

St. Louis police released few details about the incident; however, the homeowner claimed the suspect made his family endure a nightmare as he fought off the intruder to save their lives.

“He pointed the gun at all of us and made all us get on the floor on top of each other,” said Deon Banks.

Banks, 30, said it’s a day he and his family will never forget. He said the intruder forced his way into the home on Varrelman Avenue around 5 a.m. Wednesday, demanded money and humiliated his family as they feared for their lives.

“He poured gasoline on us and searched our house and poured gasoline on us again,” Banks said. “I’m on top of my brother and my cousin on top of me, I’m glad he moved because if he didn’t, we might be dead.”

Five adults were in the home and a 9-year-old boy watched the incident unfold.

“My son is 9 and he saw the guy’s face and he said he got hair like you, I saw him pour gasoline on them,” said Lamar Conner.

Police would only confirm two men were shot at the scene. Banks said both victims were his cousins; one was shot in the stomach and the other shot in the leg.

Banks said he fought the intruder off, grabbed the suspect’s gun, and forced him out his home, breaking his hand in the process.

Banks began started shooting at the suspect. There was a trail of blood at the scene as the suspect ran from the home.

“I started beating him up and I tried to kill him. We were shooting at him; we took his gun and shot him,” Banks said.

During the shooting, bullets struck neighboring homes and Banks’ own vehicle.

Banks said his family does not know the suspect.

St. Louis police said they’re still gathering information and would not confirm what Banks is alleging. Police said they have no motive or suspect in custody.

Banks said surveillance cameras on his home has video of the suspect forcing his way into the home and he’s turned that video over to police.