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LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI)– Life in prison without parole for a man convicted of stabbing his wife 55 times.  Russ Faria is already hoping to appeal the case to get a jury to hear suppressed evidence, revealed only in the Fox Files.

Family of victim Betsy Faria wanted it known today, they believe a jury convicted the right man and that a Lincoln County Judge was correct in keeping a jury from hearing evidence about another possible suspect.  First listen to Betsy`s dad who struggled to say, “I know the public wants to know exactly what happened.” Chris Hayes said, “You don`t have a doubt.”  Ken Meyer broke up when he said, “No doubt.”

Meyer added, “I think it was a just trial. The right person was convicted, and I`m glad it`s all over.”

Betsy`s three sisters stood together as sister Julie Swaney offered this statement.  She said, ‘We just want to say we`re pleased with the outcome.  It`s still very sad because we don`t have Betsy.”

Swaney was the only person to take the stand today.  She brought up allegations the prosecution did not use during the trial, including a report from a friend that Betsy had a second life insurance policy in which she removed Russ`s name.  Russ reportedly found out and was angry.  Also, a frightening story that Russ reportedly put a pillow over Betsy`s head and told her `This is what it feels like to die.`

Faria’s Attorney Joel Schwartz said, “There`s nothing that Ms. Swaney said that is actually supported by fact.  Things have been told to the family and unfortunately in order to cling to what they believe to be the truth now, the family has clung to those things, but they`re simply not fact.”

Defense Attorney Joel Schwartz said the source of the most sensational reports involving Russ Faria, is Pam Hupp, the woman who currently controls Betsy Faria`s life insurance proceeds and who Schwartz was prohibited from questioning in front a jury.  Incourt today, it came out that another friend reported the frightening pillow story, Schwartz responded, “In being one of the last people to be with Betsy Faria in this case, Bobby Wand was interviewed by police three times. Nowhere in any of those reports — it`s not until two years later when she`s deposed, did she say that Pam Hupp told her.”

It`s painful for Betsy`s family to hear drag on.

Ken Meyer said, “It kind of upsets you for a few days, reliving what actually happened, again this morning.

Despite promised appeals, to Meyer, it`s case closed.

The Judge denied Faria`s motion for a new trial today.  Defense attorney Schwartz said he firmly believes this case will be overturned on appeal.  Lincoln County Prosecutor Leah Askey stands by what 12 jurors said about this case — verdict in which a Judge said Russ Faria will stay in prison for the rest of his life.

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