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RIVERVIEW, MO (KTVI) – A grass fire quickly turned into a house fire in a Riverview neighborhood Monday afternoon.

Around 1 pm Michael Mitchell and Darien Finley were driving down the street when they saw a man waving for help.

What he had hoped was a contained grass fire had started to spread.

Mitchell and Finley said they started grabbing buckets of water to dump on the fire.

They said within minutes the fire had spread to the front and back yard and caught a neighboring home on fire

Finley ran to the front door of the home and alerted the resident, Mark Huey, that his home had caught fire.

Huey’s neighbor told him the fire initially started when he was trying to burn moles out of the yard.

The Riverview Fire Chief said because of the dry and windy conditions the fire spread quickly and was already in three backyards, one front yard and a house when they arrived.

He said this is a good reminder to call your local fire department before doing a controlled burn.

Huey said he is just happy his family is safe.

The Red Cross is helping them out until they can get back into their home.