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The number of people dying from heroin overdoses has almost doubled in both St. Louis city and county.

The requests for town hall meetings in high schools and communities all over the metro area has surpassed what law enforcement and drug prevention specialists expected.  People have realized that heroin and meth are stronger and much deadlier than ever before.  Heroin affects all income levels and neighborhoods.

Treatment is difficult to get.  Many people who are addicts dont have private health insurance.  The waiting list to get into publicly funded rehab programs is often months long.  Meth continues to be a drug that is ravaging our area.

Meth usage causes powerful physical signs from meth mouth to soars to permanent brain damage.

Doctors at St. Anthony’s Medical Center see the extreme cases when someone has overdosed on meth or heroin.  There is a drug that can counter the affects of heroin but not for meth.  The emergency room there has seen a spike in heroin overdoses recently.