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BALLWIN, Mo. – It won’t be a white Christmas in St. Louis. So far, this month ranks as the second warmest December on record in St. Louis.

That trend continued Thursday, with temperatures that climbed into the 60s. At Creve Coeur Park, a lakeside walk was the perfect way to enjoy the sun and make a little extra room for upcoming holiday feasts.

For pickleball players at Holloway Park in Ballwin, it was a day to stay out of the kitchen.  T-shirts were the order of the day for players, although gusty winds kept trying to move their net on them.

Nearby, it was a swing of a different kind that folks were working on. The Ballwin Golf Course was busy through its last tee time at 3 p.m.

In the Chesterfield Valley, last-minute holiday shoppers were happy to leave their coats in the car.

“It feels good. It feels amazing. When it’s cold it makes you not want to do nothing,” said Schnee Johnson. She was out getting some gifts and groceries. She said the lines were long inside, but folks were in the holiday spirit.

John Barnes rolled up to the stores with the convertible top down. Not bad for December 23.

“It’s a little crowded but not too bad. It’s beautiful out. It’s going to be 70 tomorrow,” said Barnes.