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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – This is a map of 140 daycare violations that occurred in Missouri near St. Louis in the last year and a half.  See the reports listed below for more detailed information about each incident.

See the full report from Chris Hayes here: Neighborhood daycare violation reports revealed

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Daycare Incident
Aarin’s Infants & Children’s Enrichment Center Child kneed in stomach, choked, arm bent behind head
ABC Daycare and Learning Center Inc. Underage caregiver (seventeen)
Adventure Learning Center Child found walking down Gravois
Ages and Stages Learning Center Inc. Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/20 children)
All My Children Child Care Center Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/15 children)
All My Children Learning Center II, LLC Child hit up side head and kicked, causing fall; separate child grabbed by chest
Amy Miller Drugs in home accessible to children
Ashton & Friends Child Care Center Children poorly fed
Ashton & Friends Child Care Center LLC Child pinched, thumped, hit
Bassett Development Center, Inc. Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/16-18 children)
Bee Brite Learning Center Children playing in parking lot and front yard near street
Beth Academy Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/10-14 children)
Bettie Hinthorne Napping infant left alone in dark basement
BJ’s Tot Town Day Care Center Child allowed to injure another child; scheduled electricity cut-off during work hours
Bright Beginnings Day Care & Learning Center Child left alone on playground for 10 minutes
Bright Horizons Childrens Center LLC, Washington University Family Learning Center Infant given another infant’s breast milk; child received first and second degree burns    – Response from the daycare
Bright Start Academy Children and infants left unattended outdoors; children physically abused
Bright Start Academy Child left outdoors in cold weather; lactose-intolerant child served milk
Brown Bear Academy Prohibited person on site posing as another person
Busy Bee Day Camp Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/6-12 children) and younger children mixed with older children
Busy Bee Learning Center Facility’s outdoor fence repossessed for writing bad check
Buttons and Bows Preschool Child left alone on bus
Cambridge School Teacher showing parents falsified incident reports, failing to report incidents and injuries
Caroline Mission Day Care Incorrect staff/child ratios; child pinched
Carolisa Alexander Children only sleep
Catherine Gardiner Too many children and filthy facility
Chapel of Praise Rich & Little Preschool Fire safety issues; filthy facility; 40+ roaches observed, dead mouse left in back stairway; no food/milk for children; incorrect staff/child ratios
Child Quest Daycare and Learning Center Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/6-19 children)
Clarabelle Nursery School Staff smoke in facility near children
Cornerstone Center for Early Learning Inc. Child grabbed, bruised on upper arm near arm pitResponse
Creative Expressions @ Top Notch Male child allowed to touch two female children in genital area
Creative Mindz Child Development Center No staff tested for TB; child had abrasions on forehead, nose, under nose; child’s arm snatched
Daruby Early Learning Center Incorrect staff/child ratios
Developmental Learning Center Child pushed off chair and hit head, parents never contacted; incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/6-16 children); not enough cribs for babies
Developmental Learning Center Incorrect staff/child ratios (1-2 staff/7-10 children); child grabbed by arm, pulled out of bathroom; child left unsupervised in office; child transported in van without parent permission
Developmental Learning Center Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 staff/7-10 children); some staff lack TB test/physicals;
Developmental Learning Center Inc. O’Fallon Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 staff/2-6 children)
Early Connections Learning Center II LLC Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 staff/8-9 children)
Eternity Child Care LLC Convicted sex offender employed at facility
Every Child Academy Preschool Facility lacked heating
First Academy Child Care Insufficient resilient material on playground; classroom shelves falling apart
Friendly Folks Learning Center Childcare provider knowingly claimed child for mother who didn’t attend for DFS subsidy
Futures Preschool and Christian Family Center Gym window broken; employees lack background checks; no files on children; undocumented inapporpriate behavior between 2 children; old food left on tables
Futures Preschool and Christian Family Center Electricity off in kitchen and cafeteria; temperature/light/food prep concerns
Gingerbread House 3 childrens’ arms grabbed; 1 of 3 children pushed down on cot
God’s Creation Learning Center LLC Children enrolled at facility cared for at another location; transported children improperly restrained in car/booster seats; incorrect ratio in van during transportation
God’s Creation Child Development Center LLC Child bumped head, eye bleeding; parent never contacted, later harrassed via text; children enrolled at facility cared for at another location; transported children improperly restrained in car/booster seats; incorrect ratio in van during transportation
Good Shepherd Infant & Toddler Center Children enrolled at facility cared for at another location; transported children improperly restrained in car/booster seats; incorrect ratio in van during transportation; incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/7 children)
Gloria Hulsey – Home Provider Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 staff/10 children)
Great Beginnings Daycare & Preschool LLC Unsafe playground; deck leading to play yard unsafe
Hampton Academy Unsafe van; facility doesn’t buckle children in or use proper restraints; meals never meet required guidelines
Helen Joy of Kidz of Joy 4-year-old boy did oral sex on 3-year-old boy during free play in facility
Higher Ground Child Development Center Children hit with sticks
His Little Lambs Childcare and Preschool Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 staff/15 children); children sleep on hardwood floor w/out blanket; child wandered off for 20 minutes, climbed wall and fell off during absence
Hope Academy of Early Learning Director put hand over crying child’s mouth; another child’s arm grabbed, pulled across room, bumped head
Hope Montessori Academy Infant shook, spoken harshly to, had mark on forehead
Imagination Station Child Development Center at Heritage Children allowed to injure each other, causing bruises
JCE Child Care Center Child left unattended on playground
Joyland Preschool and Child Development Center Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 teacher/10 children); children of all ages cared for in infant/toddler room; child found wandering street unsupervised; live roaches observed
Just 4 Us Childcare Incorrect staff/child ratios (2 staff/9-10 children)
Just Us 2 LLC No hot water (unpaid gas bill)
Karen’s Kids Daycare Incorrect staff/child ratios (1 staff/9 children)
Kiddie Korrall Inc. Staff treated child with lice without contacting parents first
Kids Academy Inc. Staff member drove children without valid driver’s license; broken toys; incorrect staff/child ratio; 2 toddlers got out of play area, leaving property
Kids Land Learning Center Not cleared to have more than 4 children under 2 years of age
Kids Palace Developmental Center Child left in van alone
Kidstreet Daycare and Learning Center Incorrect staff/child ratios (1-2 staff/6-20 children); staff gave child Benadryl to fall asleep; children flicked in mouth/kept in dark rooms/denied naps/dragged into rooms and yelled at as punishment
Kidz In Action Children served food without enrollment; 20 un-enrolled children
Kidz of Joy Staff left children alone; children waited for parent to pick them up from facility alone
Kinder Care Learning Center Child left unsupervised in van for 8-10 minutes
Kinder Care Learning Center Child left unattended in classroom for 20 minutes
Kinder Care Learning Center Child left unsupervised; parents not notified, no incident report written
Kindercare Learning Center Child’s face bruised from unknown incident; mother not notified until pickup
Kindercare Learning Center Outbreak of hand/foot/mouth disease in infant/toddler unit
Kingdom House Day Care Child locked out of playground 2-5 minutes; parent notified late
Lakeside Children’s Academy Toddler left alone on playground for 5 minutes
Lamb’s Bride Child Care Center Child left unattended, found outdoors; incorrect staff ratio (1 staff/6 children); child’s arm grabbed, left nail marks on skin
Lavinia Gale Spiegel Medication administered w/out documenting date/time/usage/dosage; incorrect staff/child ratio (1 staff/8 children)
Learning Days Child unattended on playground for 20 secondsResponse
Like Our Own Child Care Center LLC Glass shards in child care space
Little Angel Learning Academy Child given wrong medication
Little Feet for Socks Enrichment Center II, LLC Mold in area windows; chipped wall paint
Little Learners Academy, Inc. Incorrect staff/child ratio (2 staff/20 children)
Little Learners of Florissant Incorrect staff/child ratio (1 staff/6-12 children)
Little Learners of St. Peters Incorrect staff/child ratio (1 staff/6-8 children)
Little Town Learning Center LLC 20 children in care (more than approved)
Love N Learn Children had access to unlicensed area; exceeded capacityResponse
Many Miracles Childcare LLC Incorrect staff/child ratio; Director not on duty for required minimum attendance
Mary Margaret Day Care and Learning Center Child injured hand; van driver left child unattended
Mary Margaret Day Care and Learning Center Incorrect staff/child ratio
Mary Margaret Daycare Incorrect staff/child ratio
Ms. Cosandra’s Child Development Center LLC Incorrect staff/child ratio (1 staff/20 children)
Naynik’s Family Enrichment Center Staff lack background screenings
Northwest Day Care & Christian School Inc. Caregiver hits children
One to Grow On, Inc. Children entered this address, but address not licensed (address next door to a day care center)
Parkway Academy DLC Incorrect staff/child ratio (1 staff/5-20 mixed age children); not enough cribs
Patterson Preschool #3 Staff left 6 children unsupervised in classroom
Patterson Schools #5 Inc. Children put on basement steps as punishment
Praise Tabernacle Christian Academy Rain water coming through ceiling in classrooms/hallway; ceiling tiles falling
Prime Time Child Care Academy Incorrect staff/child ratio; parents not provided information about when/if child received asthma medication; child came home with bruises on bottom, no explanation from parents
Rainbow World Academy Cleaning supplies/medicine accessible to children;
Sarah Bohn Caregiver has garage sale in outdoor play space
Shaw Area Children’s Center Staff sleeping during working hours; children left unsupervised;
Snow White Day Nursery Carpet stained, smells of urine/feces/vomit
Special Moments Learning Center Dog feces in backyard where children play
Spirit and Truth Preschool and Daycare Child left in park 5-10 minutes; children given wrong medication
SSDN Boy grabbed by arm, slung to ground
St. Louis Collaborations Children’s Academy LLC Children not served required amount of food during meal/snack time; director never prsent at facility
St. Nicholas Preschool Daycare Center Incorrect staff/child ratio (1-2 staff/5-9 children)
Stella Maris Child Center Child left alone outside on play space
Stepping Stone Academy LLC 1-year-old in 2 & 3-year-old classroom;
Stepping Stones Christian Academy Long grass on playground; snake seen on playground; unpaid bills; playground mulch never replaced; water disconnected at least 3 times
Strawberry International School of St. John Incorrect staff/child ratio; child ingested sunscreen on field-trip
Strawberry School of Bridgeton Parents told to bring sack lunch for school-aged children (caregivers supposed to provide lunch)
Sunshine Preschool and Child Development Center Child punched so hard they went down the hallway
Suz’s Spot for Tots Learning Center LLC Incorrect staff/child ratios, ages mixed in rooms
Tendercare Learning Center #8 No director since February 6, 2012
Tendercare Learning Center #7 Center van ran into daycare building; brakes had been problematic for weeks w/out being fixed
Tendercare Learning Center #12 Child released from daycare to unauthorized party
Tendercare Learning Center Cold floors, requiring staff/children wear coats inside
The Children Learning Center Teacher yelled at child
The Early Childhood Prep School Medication on hand for children on an “as needed” basis (parents not notified before medicine administered)
The Goddard School Child blocked in area for time out; toddlers left unsupervised
The Goddard School Child left alone in gross motor room
The Goddard School Time-out area blocked by changing table
The King’s Outreach Ministry Female daycare worker molested 3 or 4 year old boy
The Learning Lodge, LLC Child’s arm stepped on, which broke child’s arm; parent not notified at time of incident
The Learning Tree No air conditioning in facility for 2 days
Tiny Hands Learn & Play Center, Inc. No hot water; 87-89 degrees Fahrenheit inside facility; power shut off due to unpaid bill; missing food components for meals/snacks
Transformation Christian Preschool Children lined up getting paddled; one child received leg welt from paddling
Tree House Learning Center Toddler left alone without supervision for 3 minutes
Urban League MLK Head Start Children not potty trained & in pull-ups accepted into program; no changing table available in facility; child alone on playground for 3-4 minutes
Veasley’s Tender Loving Care Day Care Center LLC Child received stress fracture after falling from ledge of front bay window at facility
Vicky Harris Arrest at home for significant amount of marijuana
Watch Us Grow Incorrect staff/child ratio; staff not CPR or First Aid certified; child at center w/out enrollment form or immunization records; building not clean/sanitary
West County Day School Incorrect staff/child ratio
West County Day School at O’Fallon Child left alone in outdoor play space
YMCA St. Charles County Branch Twin Chimneys Children left alone, unsupervised; incorrect staff/child ratio (1 staff/32-36 children)
Zion Child Development Center Child left facility, picked up by passing motorist who called police