ST. LOUIS – There are plenty of lakes stocked with fish in Missouri. The St. Louis and Kansas City areas have 30 urban city lakes stocked by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Channel catfish are stocked April through September, and trout are stocked at selected lakes during the winter.

To purchase a fishing license, there are three options. There are Daily Fishing Permits, Fishing Permit, and a Lifetime Fishing permit that is only for residents.

For trout fishers, there is a whole separate fishing license that needs to be purchased in order to fish. There are also free fishing days. These days, anyone can fish, with or without a permit. For more information about fishing in Missouri, check out this guide.

St. Louis Fishing Locations

St. Louis has 17 urban lakes spread out across St. Louis and St. Louis County:

Kansas City Fishing Locations

There are 13 urban lakes extending throughout the Kansas City area.