Maplewood chef involved in ‘chicken gate’ on Hell’s Kitchen episode


ST. LOUIS– A Maplewood chef was involved in ‘chicken gate’ on last night’s Hell’s Kitchen episode, something that is sure to be remembered for seasons to come. Trent Garvey, the executive chef at The Blue Duck, was called out as one of the contestants involved in what became dubbed as ‘chicken gate’.

‘Chicken gate’ involves an uncooked piece of chicken and Chef Gordon Ramsay’s frustration in trying to figure out who was responsible for it.

Garvey and the male chefs struggled again during last night’s episode. Chef Ramsay shut down their dinner service again and told them to choose two people for elimination. The team chose Jay who was in charge of garnish and Alex who was on the meat station.

During the elimination, Alex said he asked others if the chicken looked done before bringing it up to be served. Trent, Antonio, and Sam’s names all got mentioned as being involved with the uncooked chicken.

Eventually, Chef Ramsay saved everyone involved with the chicken and sent Jay home who had a hard time with the garnish station.

You can follow Chef Garvey on Instagram here.

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