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ST. LOUIS– Trent Garvey, the executive chef of the Blue Duck in Maplewood, lived to see another week on this season of “Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns.” Monday night’s episode pitted the men against the woman again and Garvey and his team struggled for a second week.

The first challenge had the young chefs making a dish with one of eight different proteins plus a type of alcohol. Then, each team had to collectively decide which were the best three dishes to present to chef Gordon Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay picked apart two of the three dishes from the men’s team. Garvey is watching with a frustrated look on his face. There is a cutaway where he explains he knew his dish was the best and wishes he would have pushed more for it to be presented to Chef Ramsay.

The women’s team also presented three dishes and ultimately Chef Ramsay sent home Ava Harren. The chef from Alaska got eliminated after Ramsay discovered her salmon dish was raw.

Each team also had to do a dinner service to help celebrate the 300th episode of Hell’s Kitchen. NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and boxing legend Mike Tyson were in the restaurant.

The men’s team had a hard time getting out dishes and especially struggled on the meat station. Chef Garvey was working the garnish station. During an interview shot after the challenge, Garvey commented his teammates were firing things at the wrong times.

Chef Ramsay has to stop the men’s team several times to figure out why they were struggling to get dishes out. At one point, food vlogger Matthew Francis Johnson took out a digital meat thermometer to the shock of Garvey and some of his other teammates.

Chef Ramsay called the men’s team into the stock room and shut down service. He then sent them to figure out who to put up for elimination.

Chef Ramsay didn’t find out about the thermometer until later and called the men’s team out about it during the elimination. Matthew ended up going home.