Maplewood Police Searching For Suspects In Coin Scam

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KTVI)– At Ka- ka-o Chocolate in Maplewood it’s all about the chocolate.

That’s why owner Brian Pelletier didn’t think much of it when a guy came into his store two weeks ago with a $5 roll of dimes wanting to cash them in.

“A guy came in and he had four rolls of dimes and he wanted to get cash for them. He said he was a delivery guy and needed to get someone change and he didn’t want to give them a roll of dimes,” said Pelletier

Turns out the roll only had one dime and a bunch of pennies. He lost a small amount of cash that day but soon discovered the same trick played itself out at other businesses in the area.

According to reports, police are looking for two men and a woman who may have been committing the crimes across the St. Louis area.

“I let the chamber of commerce in Maplewood know. They shared that with everyone on the chamber,” said Pelletier. “I mean he’s hitting a lot of places and we need to let a lot of people know about it to make sure people are ready for him when they come in.”

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