Mark Mantovani launches 2020 campaign for St. Louis County Executive


ST. LOUIS, MO–  Democratic candidate Mark Mantovani announced Wednesday that he is running for St. Louis County Executive promising to promote diversity, innovation, collaboration, and public safety.

In 2018, Incumbent Steve Stenger narrowly defeated Mark Mantovani to win the Democratic primary.  The ballot tally was so close that it fell somewhere within one percent of the vote. Steve Stenger garnered 91,487 votes while Mark Mantovani had 90,330.

The Mantovani campaign issued this statement:

“Our region and St. Louis County, in particular, continues to fail to meet its potential,” said Mantovani. “We all know this is true, yet we keep electing the same politicians, expecting them to create transformational change. If we change nothing, nothing changes. I look forward to presenting a vision for this community’s future that is built on a collaborative approach to promoting economic opportunity, diversity, and public safety”.

Stating that real leadership requires more than the mere absence of corruption, Mantovani said the citizens of St. Louis County deserve leadership as good as they are, pointing to the importance of passion, vision, and collaboration, as well as a government that’s transparent and committed to fairness and equality.


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