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MARTHASVILLE, Mo. – An old bank in Marthasville, dating back to the 1800s, has been restored to its former glory – but with a twist.

“I think it’s amazing how the blessings of success were put on this building from the very beginning,” said Missouri Haus owner and manager Tyann Marcink.

The old bank building was a staple in the community.

“The first day I walked in and opened the door. I said, ‘This is it.’ My realtor looked at me like I was crazy,” Marcink said.

Marcink bought the building and demolition began the next day. It took over four months to renovate.

“From being the bank, post office, between then and now, it’s been a dentist office, newspaper office, and then I bought it from the local dentist in 2018 and now it’s a place that families and friends can come and grow memories and create bonds,” she said.

Marcink said it was a treasure worth preserving. She turned the old bank into a four-bedroom, two and a half bath vacation home.

“We preserved as much as possible of the home. The upstairs has original flooring and staircase. All of the ceilings are original, the tin ceilings, the fixtures that look old, all the front windows,” she said.

Two of the more fascinating features are the original walk-in vaults. Just recently, this vacation home has been in the national spotlight.

“USA Today Travel chose the Bank Haus as one of the top coolest AirBnB properties in the country,” Marcink said.

She said they have had several hundred visitors from all over the country in just a year.

“Weddings, the wineries, and to visit family. A lot of families that start here, spread out, coming home to visit is more difficult to find a place to stay for a week, where you’re comfortable,” Marcink said.

The home has a lot of history, which makes it a great place to create memories.

“Family is the core of our lives. Helping families foster that core, bond, memories is important to me,” Marcink said.