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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – Heated words at Maryland Heights City Hall, as the saga of suspensions at the police department continues to anger some residents.

Members of the Maryland Heights City Council are facing accusations of unfair treatment and wasting taxpayer money.

The story began to unfold a couple of weeks ago, when Police Chief William Carson and Deputy Chief Joe Delia were suspended for allegedly creating an unfair work environment. But on Monday, the city allowed Chief Carson to return to duty but will keep Delia off the job until further investigation can be done.

Delia’s attorney, Chet Pleban, came before the council Thursday night to outline the litany of allegations against the city and its new city administrator, Jim Krischke. Pleban said an employee of a consulting firm recently hired to do an assessment of the police department worked for Krischke at his previous job.

Pleban also said the city is spending $45,000 on that study, even though the police department was recently accredited by a prestigious police organization that studied the department for two years and it’s also passed reviews by the state.

Pleban seems to be planning a lawsuit, especially since the city has decided not to allow Delia to have a hearing before the Board of Police Commissioners. The city claims his suspension is not a disciplinary matter. The city council later met in executive session to talk about personnel issues but took no public action on this matter.