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ST. LOUIS– Sam Page is asking the St. Louis County Council to put politics aside and consider putting in place its own mask mandate at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“You can still not like me and do what is right to protect our residents. Be on the right side of history,” said St. Louis County Executive Sam Page during a morning briefing.

Page said it is sad that some elected leaders are voting against what is best for the residents of St. Louis County because they don’t like me.

The St. Louis County Public Health Department ordered a mask mandate in late July. The Missouri Attorney General filed a suit against the public health order and the St. Louis County Council also voted to overturn the mandate.

Last week, Circuit Judge Nellie Ribaudo issued a preliminary injunction against St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, Health Director Faisal Kahn, and the St. Louis County Public Health Department, ordering them from taking any and all action to enforce the mask mandate.

Page spoke today for the first time since that ruling saying while the mandate still stands, there is a court order preventing enforcement until the court issues its final judgment.

He said this morning that he understands the confusion around public health orders. He says local control was the preferred response by state leaders until it wasn’t. Page also said those who don’t respect or support public health decided they needed to change the rules halfway through a pandemic and put every resident in danger.

Page went on to say despite the anti-mask rhetoric hidden behind freedom and liberty catchphrases, a majority of residents are doing the right thing and protecting each other by wearing masks and getting the COVID vaccine.

After the judge’s order, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said the people prevailed yet again against County Executive Page and his health department for attempting to impose their will illegally on the people of St. Louis County.

Supporters of the mandate say a recent increase in COVID-19 cases, including younger patients, warrants action.