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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – A choir is made up of many unique voices, that all come together to create a beautiful song and, the song that comes from the Matsiko World Orphan Choir is truly inspirational.  The children in this choir, ages 7 to 15 from Peru and Liberia, are some of the neediest in the world.  They talk of no running water or electricity and working at a very young age.  They want to go to school but their families can’t afford to send them.  Worst of all, they are at risk for child trafficking and slavery.

However, the International Children`s Network or ICN has turned the lives of these kids and nearly 4,000 other young lives around.  ICN and its founder Don Windham give hope to these kids and some of them  have become amazing ambassadors through their music for the world`s 600 million orphaned and at-risk children.

Children audition annually and are selected from hundreds of hopefuls before leaving their country for the first time and coming to the United States. They`re here for 10 months, stay with host families in each city they visit, receive daily tutoring and are supported by volunteer chaperones.

It`s a new country, new people and all new experiences.  But most importantly, a new chance at a life they once could only dream of.   They are able to do this through donations and sponsorships that ICN helps find for the children.

Matsiko`s dream is to provide hope, confidence and a future to help break the cycle of poverty for these children  and it certainly seems as if their dream is coming true;  beginning with the first child sponsored by ICN who became a heart surgeon in Uganda and is now saving lives.

Matsiko World Orphan Choir, our most at risk children in the world, through music, dance, and culture are turning a sad song, into one of joy.


For more information, you can call:  253-632-8181

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