St. Louis City’s second coronavirus case may mean community exposure

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ST. LOUIS - St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson confirmed Wednesday the city of St. Louis has its second case of coronavirus. 

"With this case, there's reason to believe there is community exposure. This individual continued to go to work in the City while exhibiting symptoms," she tweeted.

Mayor Krewson did not identify this individual or where they worked, although she was adamant that information would come out eventually.

St. Louis Health Director Dr. Fredrick Echols said the city would not reveal any information about the patient, in accordance with HIPPA guidelines.

"I'm not going to be the first elected official (in the nation) to break HIPPA," Krewson said.

The mayor asked for the state and federal to do more for communities across the country.

Echols did not say where this person was tested.

The first case was reported Monday afternoon. A St. Louis University Student who traveled abroad was infected with the virus.

St. Louis University President Dr. Fred Pestello said this individual and another student traveled together and shared off-campus housing.

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