McCloskey says ‘I’ll do the same thing again’ after pleading guilty in gun case


ST. LOUIS– About an hour and a half after Mark and Patricia McCloskey plead guilty to misdemeanors for waving guns at protesters outside their Central West End home last year, the U.S. Senate candidate released a video response on his campaign page.

In the video, Mark is holding an AR-15 while his wife stands next to him with a handgun. They are standing in front of a campaign banner.

He introduces himself, telling viewers a year ago an angry mob crashed through his gate and threatened his life, his family, and his home and he stood on his front porch with his AR-15 and backed the mob down.

He goes on to say that recently, a prosecutor dropped all charges against him except for a claim that he ‘instilled fear’ in the mob.

McCloskey says ‘by god’ he did and that any time they come to threaten him he will do the same thing ‘again, and again, and again.’

He ends by saying a vote for McCloskey is a vote for stand your ground.

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