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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)- Hundreds of north county high school students are walking out of class today and staging protests in support of Michael Brown.

It started early this morning at McCluer High School and McCluer North High School. Ferguson Florissant School District officials say about 250 to 300 students staged demonstrations at each campus about 8:15am.

While the students at McCluer North went to the football field, students at McCluer High went to the commons area. Then, a little later in the morning, students from McCluer High walked to McCluer North. They were escorted by Florissant police. Once they arrived, the students from the two high schools joined together outside McCluer North where they staged another large demonstration around 10:15am. Police estimate there were about 300 students there.

Florissant Police Chief Tim Lowery says there was a tense moment when some of the kids started banging on a Florissant Police cruiser. But, police got the students to back up quickly.
Besides that incident, the rest of the demonstration was peaceful and there were no arrests.

About an hour after that large demonstration ended, some of the students staged another demonstration on New Halls Ferry at Parker Road. The students blocked traffic on New Halls Ferry for a few minutes. Police say some of the students even laid down on the street. The students then ran to different locations to continue their activities.

School officials and police had an idea from social media that the demonstrations were going to happen Tuesday. There was also a smaller demonstration at Hazelwood Central High School. We saw some students outside the school there. Things appeared to be peaceful there as well.

McCluer North High School is located in the Ferguson-Florissant School District.