Hybrid operating rooms come to DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton

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BRIDGETON, Mo. – SSM Health DePaul Hospital recently built a hybrid operating room, which includes state-of-the-art imaging equipment for vascular procedures. The hybrid OR is in the main operating room area, which allows for open surgical procedures. This setup benefits multi-disciplinary surgical teams treating trauma patients.

DePaul Hospital is the only Level II Trauma Center in north St. Louis County and provides services to St. Louis County and St. Charles County residents.

Dr. Robert Hacker, a vascular surgeon at DePaul Hospital, was active in arranging and organizing the state-of-the-art space.

“This has all the components used in a traditional operating room for years, except these were all brought in a la carte, so we would have an x-ray machine rolled in. Lower quality unit. You’d have a table that wasn’t optimized for x-ray imaging,” Hacker said.

“In this new environment, we have it all in one place. We essentially have all the appropriate tools we need within the snap of a finger, to see a better picture, operate faster, use less contrast, use less radiation, which allows us to do a faster, better, safer operation than was traditionally available.”

The other benefits include reduced operative time, so there is enhanced comfort. The table allows more operations to be offered on the same day as surgery, which is another benefit to patients.

“The future is not only here, but this unit represents a flagship model for the St. Louis area,” Hacker said. “I believe this will be adopted by hospitals all over the country very quickly. But, it is my understanding that this GE Discovery Hybrid Operating Room is the only one of its kind within a two-hour drive from St. Louis.”

Because of the size of the room and the quality of the imaging within the room, trauma patients and patients who come through the ER for any kind of bleeding vessels can have surgery quickly, and with 3D images that surgeons need to evaluate and cut down on any down-time related to the evaluation of what is needed for the patient. Dr. Hacker says he loves talking with his pre-operative patients to let them know the hybrid OR will provide them with.

“The experience in and out of the operating room that will provide a much higher safety rate and the complication rate is much lower,” he said.

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