Medical Minute: St. Joseph Hospital using revolutionary alternative for men with enlarged prostates

Medical Minute

ST. CHARLES – An enlarged prostate gland can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as blocking the flow of urine out of the bladder. But it does not necessarily raise a man’s odds for cancer, says a new study from Beaumont Health in Royal Oak, Mich.

The research found that BPH builds “mechanical pressure” throughout the gland which inhibits cancer growth and decreases the odds of prostate cancer – the 2nd most common cancer in men.  It’s good news for sufferers of BPH, which affects more than 40 million American men.

September is Prostate Health Awareness Month and community hospitals like SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – St. Charles recognize a growing community need for prostate-related care, including treatment for BPH.  Dr. Kevin Enger is one of six area urologists with SSM Health Medical Group offering UroLift®, a minimally-invasive alternative to treating BPH. Medications are often the first choice of treatment. Urologists at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital in St. Charles are treating men with UroLift. 

The device lifts and holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way so that it no longer blocks the urethra, allowing urine to flow.  This procedure has been shown to help relieve lower urinary tract symptoms and improve quality of life – fewer complications, limited down time, lessens the need for medications and preserves sexual function. 

For more information about BPH, click here.


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Medical Minute

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