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ST. LOUIS – Summertime means that an increase in bicycle injuries, drowning injuries, firework injuries, and playground injuries are filling emergency rooms.

Dr. Trevor Tredway, a SLUCare pediatric emergency medicine physician at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, says that what ER doctors worry about most with bicycle injuries is head injuries.

“Wearing a properly-fitted helmet when you are riding your bike,” Tredway said. He also says proper protection like elbow and knee guards for sports is advised.

Playground injuries can be avoided if “you find a playground with soft playground footing and making sure you are monitoring children on the equipment.”

Tredway says drownings are common in the summer but that parents should, “make sure your child has proper supervision and you have your eyes on your children and watching them the whole time.”

Tredway says the types of injuries that are severe enough for the ER are deep lacerations, a fall or injury that has a deformity of arms or broken bones, severe allergic reactions, or trouble breathing are the main reasons to come to the ER.

“Kids are going to be kids and they are going to get out and be active. We see more scooters, and hoverboard injuries. We always educate them to wear proper protective gear, like their bikes, with anything that moves,” notes Tredway.

But, he says, being able to take care of children properly is what they do.

“We hope everyone can get outside and be kids, but do so safely,” he said.

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