BRIDGETON, Mo. – SSM Health DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton has renovated its Family Birthplace for expecting parents. All phases of childbirth, including labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum procedures, take place in the same, specially designed private suites.

Kathy Kohl, RN and director of the Family Birthplace, says the renovations also include a special care nursery, offering additional private rooms, so moms have easier access to their babies that may need extra care.

“We partner with MFMs, they’re called maternal fetal medicine, and those physicians, they have extra education to monitor high-risk moms,” Kohl said.

The new family birthplace offers moms the comfort of knowing if they have a high risk delivery, they can stay at DePaul Hospital together.

“We used to send our infants to Cardinal Glennon, but what we can do now is to keep the mom and baby together,” Kohl said.

DePaul also offers the opportunity to come to a special emergency room just for moms that allow them to bypass the busy emergency room.

“The emergency rooms are very busy, and we have something going on that any mom that’s pregnant that’s over eight weeks can kind of get what I call as a Disney World fast-pass right up to OB,” Kohl said. “And I think what that allows is for the right doctor to see them in a quicker timeframe.”

For more information about the Family Birthplace at SSM Health DePaul Hospital, click here.

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