SSM Health Medical Minute: Level II nursery at St. Joseph Hospital in Lake St. Louis

Medical Minute

LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Level II nursery at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital in Lake St. Louis is a convenient location for high-risk moms and babies in St. Charles and Lincoln counties.

“Being out here we have a lot of families that live in this area so it’s great to have those families stay with us as long as they can and even once moms are discharged, we let them board here,” said Lisa Bass, a registered nurse in the Family Birthplace Level II Nursery.

Bass says the acute care includes Cardinal Glennon pediatricians on staff 24/7 and can support babies born at 32 weeks or more. There are maternal-fetal medicine specialists on staff 24/7 from SLU Hospital.

“We do everything thing here from antepartum to labor and delivery to post-partum to the NICU and like I said, we can accommodate these higher risk moms and babies out here,” she said.

Community hospitals like SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital in Lake St. Louis are growing and able to support expecting moms who may have thought to drive to a further location in the event of a high-risk birth.

For more about St. Joseph Hospital in Lake St. Louis, click here.

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