ST. LOUIS – Groundbreaking initiatives at the Liver Center of Excellence at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital are revealing the research-driven innovation and exceptional clinical care available to patients with liver disease.

The SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital Liver Center has earned worldwide recognition for bringing together all the clinical and research resources to help diagnose, treat, and cure liver disease, and to educate the public about the conditions. It was designated a Center of Excellence in December 2001.

Dr. Wing-Kin Syn, a SLUCare gastroenterologist at SLU Hospital, says their specialists offer a holistic, comprehensive program for patients living with liver disease who need access to clinical trials if transplant cannot help them.

“We started over 20 years ago and have been expanding to serve patients with liver diseases. We have access to clinical trials for folks who need treatment,” Syn said.

“Unfortunately, for many liver diseases, there is no real cure other than liver transplant. Liver transplants are hard to get due to limited resources and livers being hard to get. So folks who develop liver damage need new treatment to try and reverse or stop progression.”

Syn says the clinical trials are designed to slow down or reverse the scarring in the liver. Patients who sign up are able to participate in these programs and are given a chance for a better quality of life.

Its mission is to provide the best compassionate care to its patients and families. Physicians recognize the worries, fears, and challenges that patients and their families may face and we empathize with and support them in their journey, one step at a time.

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