ST. LOUIS – The Liver Tumor Clinic at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital specializes in providing multidisciplinary care for the treatment of both malignant and benign liver tumors.

Dr. Mustafa Nazzal, a transplant surgeon at SSM Health SLU Hospital, says their team includes world-renowned SLUCare specialists in interventional radiology, hepatology, and liver transplant to treat any liver mass.

“The personalized approach we take for each patient,” Nazzal said. “Our clinic will have different providers of different specialties that will look at the same patient, at the same time.”

He says the patient comes in and will have three or four providers such as liver doctors, surgeons, cancer doctors, interventional radiologists, or more come into the room. The team will then form a customized plan to fit the patient.

This is advantageous to the outcomes for the patients.

“Liver cancer is a very complex disease. Typically, most of our liver cancer patients have other problems and liver disease. They are highly complex patients. They need multiple specialties working together at the same time to have a good outcome. This needs multiple teams working together closely and not in silos to help decide a plan for each patient,” Nazzal said.

“Every day there is a new evolution in the treatment of liver cancer. There are new ways we treat liver cancer. “It’s very good to have different specialties that understand the most recent ways of liver cancer treatment working with each other to offer the most cutting edge treatment for each patient.”

Dr. Nazzal says the transplant surgeons perform liver surgery and also perform liver transplants. Providing a holistic approach to personalized medicine improves outcomes for patients.

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