ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – SSM Health recently announced they are the first in St. Charles County to introduce 3T MRI imaging, new state-of-the-art imaging equipment, for patients who come to the SSM Health Outpatient Center on Kisker Road in St. Charles County.

SSM Health is the first in St. Charles County to introduce this level of imaging which offers the most advanced image quality and faster scan times for orthopedic, neurology, breast, and cancer patients.

The new 3T MRI machine yields several benefits to physicians and patients over the previous 1.5 model, namely enhanced image quality and faster scan times.

Jessica Chambers, the director of clinical operations – imaging services for SSM Health in St. Charles County, says the 3T MRI is especially helpful because the hardware can detect minute biological details like small bones, blood vessels and cellular growth, giving physicians more information to make a diagnosis.

“Typically hospitals will have a 1.5 Tesla. The T in 3T stands for Tesla, which is the magnetic field strength of your scanners,” she said. “The stronger the scanner, the better image quality you can get.” She says most patients will qualify for the 3T MRI unless someone has an implantable device that needs the 1.5 version.

Jessica says with the 3T, “We can see smaller abnormalities. We have primarily specialized for prostate exams. For patients who need prostate MRI, they can now keep their patients close to home for prostate imaging.”

She describes the upgraded enhancement as, “think of a tube TV and an HD high quality flat screen TV. With 1.5 we can still see, but it’s lesser quality. With the better definition we can see better lines, small lesions in the body.”

She says physicians can diagnose things sooner and they can see the borders on the lesion better to understand what the patient needs for treatment.

To learn more about the 3T Imaging, click here.

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