SSM Health recently announced its participation in IMPLEMENT-HF, a new initiative from the American Heart Association to improve the lives of people living with heart failure.

SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital-Lake Saint Louis is home to the first outpatient clinic in the country to join IMPLEMENT-HF, which is a collaboration featuring multiple inpatient and outpatient health care settings across seven communities nationwide. Additionally, all SSM Health St. Louis adult hospitals are participating in the IMPLEMENT-HF inpatient initiative.

Participating health care organizations are working toward a shared goal of achieving optimal care for patients with heart failure while improving their quality of life at home and reducing death from the disease. It supports patients who have been hospitalized with HF, with their recovery and transition back to life at home, while helping improve their quality of life and reduce the chance of hospital readmission.

Quality improvement programs like IMPLEMENT-HF can help healthcare professionals apply the latest care guidelines, with the hope of achieving better health outcomes for those patients impacted with the condition.

“Participating in the IMPLEMENT-HF quality initiative across all SSM Health St. Louis adult hospitals, as well as enrolling the first outpatient clinic, is a great opportunity to assess our performance in managing patients with heart failure,” said Dr. Georges Chahoud, regional director of the SSM Health heart failure clinical program and director of cardiology services at St. Joseph Hospital-Lake Saint Louis. “It showcases our commitment to delivering quality care to our patients”.

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