SSM Health Medical Minute – Summer injuries: Why choosing emergency or Urgent Care is critical

Medical Minute

ST. LOUIS – As the summer months heat up and kids become more active, injuries are on the rise as well.

The most common injuries during the summer months include broken bones, sprains, lacerations, concussions, sunburn, insect bites, and dog bites.

Amy Long, a nurse practitioner at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Urgent Cares in north and south St. Louis County, says parents need to be aware of risky activities. Of course, summertime is fun, but getting out and about in rivers and lakes means taking extra precautions.

Parents need to remind their kids to wear helmets on bikes and hoverboards, wear sunscreen, and reapply regularly after sweating or swimming and, if staying outside frequently, apply bug repellent for insect bites and bee stings. As always, have a life preserver or water preserver available if kids are by a pool, lake, or river.

Amy notes that any head injury, especially if your child goes unconscious, should mean an immediate call to 911 and your child should go to an emergency room to be evaluated. Any major laceration that needs stitches or sutures should go to the ER.

Broken bones, sprains, and lacerations can be seen by their two new Cardinal Glennon Urgent Care locations where X-rays can be taken and glue strips applied for broken skin that does not require stitches. All SSM Health Urgent Care locations have emergency trained providers to help you and your child get back to activities.

To find an SSM Health Urgent Care location, click here.

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