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ST. LOUIS – Now that families are traveling again, having an asthmatic child means controlling symptoms should your child be impacted due to heat in the summer or increased physical activities. 

Parents of asthmatic children need to take special precautions to ensure the safest outcomes for their kids. But all family members can contribute to helping asthmatic children should breathing symptoms escalate.

Dr. Kurt Sobush, SLUCare pulmonologist at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, says asthma is an inflammation of the airwaves and is typically diagnosed within the child’s first or second year of life.  Children are given controller therapies like inhalers and medication to subdue flare attacks. Often, children with asthma can deal with allergies, nasal drainage, itchy eyes, food allergies and eczema. 

Dr. Sobush says inhalers and nebulizers are controller therapies that need to be a part of a travelling action plan. He advises that parents should put asthma inhalers or nebulizers in their carry on bags rather than in a check-in bag and carry a list of the medications and equipment they are carrying on in case of emergency. 

Asthmatic children often need to have their controller therapies nearby as attacks can happen at any time. 

To find out more about asthma therapies, click here.

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