SSM Health Medical Minute – Urgent Care v. ER: Where to take your kids for health emergencies

Medical Minute

ST. LOUIS – How do you know when the health issue your child is facing requires a trip to the ER? 

As a general rule, urgent care is for minor, non-threatening situations and the ER is for crisis situations. But there are other differences as well.

Karen Litteken, the Emergency Department Director at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – Lake St. Louis, says physicians receive specialized training in pediatric emergency care, the patient rooms are designed with kids in mind and in a separate wing from the general ER.

Also, an emergency room will give you immediate access to a range of staff and specialists for a child, especially infants.

Minor bumps, bruises, or cuts on the head are usually nothing to worry about, but if you think your child has a concussion or underlying head injury, the ER is where you want to go because you may need your child monitored over the course of 24 hours. Other illnesses like a persistent cough, something they swallowed or stuck in their ear, or a split lip can be treated by X-rays which are offered at most urgent cares, however, if you feel your child will need access to a plastic surgeon, then the ER is the right choice. Minor breaks or sprains can be addressed at an urgent care facility but if you have a deep cut or the bone is sticking out, go to the ER.

But Litteken says, no matter what, you will always be seen when you come to a pediatric ER.  Nothing is too minor to be treated so coming to the ER is always a safe option. She says all SSM Health Emergency Departments are taking measures to ensure everyone has a safe experience with they visit the hospital.  These include screening before entering, limiting the number of visitors and waiting rooms, and a private wing for pediatric rooms.

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Medical Minute

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